Birthdays and Family Trees

Today A had her 5th birthday. R and I went to her preschool for her birthday presentation in the morning along with her Mum and Dad and S and J. The teacher talked about A from the time she was a baby and each year till now (favourite food, toy etc) and the children were shown a picture of A from baby for each year till now that Mum had printed out. A had to walk around the sun. Then she blew out the big candle. The children sang happy birthday and some cupcakes Mum had made were brought in with five candles in them and A blew out the candles and each child was given a serviette and then a cupcake. When they all had a cupcake they were allowed to start eating it. Later in the afternoon R and I went to A’s place and gave her her present.
I spent quite a lot of time over the weekend doing more research on my family tree and managed to fill in quite a bit of new information on the Mills part of my family tree, thanks to information I was able to find on the internet, and check against other sources. It always gives me a buzz when I find out some more things. Alice Maria Smart who married George Mills was my first cousin 3 times removed. Alice’s mother Sarah Jane (Cox) Smart was my Great Great Aunt. Sarah Jane’s sister Mary Ann (Cox) Laraman was my Great Great Grandmother.


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