Pea Tart

Pea Tart

It has been rather a rollercoaster the last six days. On Thursday a friend who was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in February died at age 44, leaving a wife and 2 year old daughter. The whole families attitude throughout the last few months has been a real inspiration and witness to many though, and with our christian belief we know it is not goodbye, but see you later. It is sad for those left behind though that he is not still with us. He was a loved son, uncle, husband and father as well as a friend to many.
My Dad also ended up in hospital on the Tuesday of that week after a small stroke. He was sent home on the Friday to my sister’s place on the Friday – a day when the weather was the worst it had been in Wellington since the Wahine Storm. He had another small stroke that night, so was back to hospital and had a Carotid endarterectomy yesterday, which he came through. This has meant a couple of trips to Wellington for R and I to visit him, and too many takeaway meals. I was pleased to see that the Wishbone Cafe at the Hospital had a range of gluten free sandwiches and slices to choose from, which I don’t remember them having last time when my mum was in a few years ago. I took time to visit my mum as well while in Wellington, and G my son and his family and to give R her birthday present. She is the last of the five of my grandchildren who have birthdays between 26th May and 24th June.
Had a rather quiet day today to recuperate a little and finally cooked us something homemade for tea!

Here goes – PEA TART.
120 g pastry. I used this pastry recipe from Maggie Beer who is an Australian cook. It is gluten free. I have used this recipe a few times now and it easy to make and always works well.

I lined two foil pie tins with the pastry and blind baked for 20mins at 210 degrees Celcius, then took out beans and put back in turned off oven for 5mins to dry a bit on bottom. Then left to cool and turned out of foil tins.

250g peas – I used frozen minted peas that had been thawed.
30g butter to saute
1 tablespoon chutney – I used homemade pumpkin chutney
Dash of hot pepper sauce
60g anchovy butter.

Saute peas in butter. Season well, add chutney and pepper sauce. Spoon into pastry cases. Just before serving top with anchovy butter. I did this while the peas were still hot so the butter melted into them.
Needs to be eaten with a knife and fork.


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