My Weekend

My Weekend

So much has happened over the last month with a friend dying and my father having a couple of strokes and my daughter in law having major open heart surgery that it has made me reassess what I want to do.
Family is very important to me. On Saturday I had to go over to Wellington to do some work so I also visited I and his family, who are staying at Dad’s house. A was looking much better, but can’t do much and had a bit of a cough too. I was able to get in some washing off the line for them and make banana on toast for granddaughters F and A. I rang Dad who is living at my sister’s place as he said there were a couple of watercolours I could have that he had been given by a relative. He wanted me to have them because I have been doing work on the family tree, which is a lifetime task. I visited Mum at her resthome for a short time, as she was having a rest, and then popped in for a few minutes to see son G and his family. On Sunday R and I went to church, then in the afternoon we went to Upper Hutt for me to do a job. We were over there when the 6.5 earthquake happened. I was parked in the car and it was moving and shaking quite a lot and was a bit scary. I had felt another earthquake in the morning when I was still in bed which had made the bed sway a few times, but this one was much more violent. R was in McDonald’s and said the lights flickered in there and he had a hard job staying still. We were glad to get back over the Rimutaka Hill and get home. Jake the dog was very glad to see us when we got home. I wasn’t home long though as I got a call to go out and do a local job. After all that I had a reasonably quiet day today catching up on some stuff that I needed to do for myself.
I have decided to sell Nutrimetics. I like their philosophy of using natural ingredients and not testing on animals. 95% of their skincare products are made in New Zealand and are exported to 11 different countries. This ticks all the boxes for me. They have a gluten free range that is suitable for coeliacs and gluten intolerant and sensitive skin which I think is great.


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