Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Today we went to P’s 3rd birthday party. It was beautiful weather here today and the garage at her place had been converted into P’s cafe. There was a bouncy castle and nailpolish and facepainting for the children. As I am still in touch with my child part – or having my second childhood – I got my face painted too. We took pasta salad as our contribution and there were lots of salads and barbecued meat. S had made a lovely cake for P. It was a chocolate cake with pink buttercream icing and lots of decorated marshmallows on it, as P had wanted a marshmallow cake. It was a bit of a bittersweet day for us today, as P is the daughter of our friend who died from the brain tumour just over a month ago. There were lots of young children there and lots of people who have been at each of her three birthday parties. we only stayed for a bout an hour as R came to me and said he wanted to go home, as he was finding it really hard, and had gone off and had a cry, as J, our friend had been a mentor to him.


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