Camembert Surprise

Camembert Surprise

1 ripe Camembert Cheese
90g Butter
3 tablespoons Gluten Free Breadcrumbs
3 tablespoons White Wine
1 bunch of Radishes
4 Black Olives
3 tablespoons Ground Almonds (browned)
1 packet Gluten Free Pretzels

The camembert I used had a soft rind, so I just put it all in the foodprocessor and mixed it with the butter, then mixed in the breadcrumbs and white wine. I then wrapped in foil in a circle shape, and chilled in fridge for an hour or so. Slice the radishes. Halve the olives and remove the stones.
Before serving roll the cheese in the ground almonds, and decorate with olives. Press pretzels round the cheese. Serve with Gluten Free crackers.

This is a lovely creamy texture. I used Paulownia Estate Pinot Gris, and also enjoyed a glass of it with my meal. This is a local winery and I got the wine at the Saturday Farmers Market.
The camembert I used was a Whitestone pro-biotic camembert made in Otago.


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