I haven’t been here for a while. R has been back home for nearly two weeks now, and it is nearly time for us to say goodbye to Jake the dog, as his family should be back home next week. We will both miss his company, but not having to clean up after him, and his digging. He hasn’t uprooted anything, thankfully, but some containers will need a top up of compost when he goes home. These peas survived his digging!! I came out one day and the seeds were just starting to germinate, and I was able to stick them back under the soil and they are doing well. We have had a very mild winter really, and a couple of good 6. + earthquakes, which haven’t been that enjoyable. We had our survival kit in the garage and after the first one I thought we should move it as the car is usually in the garage and we would not be able to get to it easily, if at all. It is now in the conservatory off the lounge. After the second one R got the 20litre water container and filled that as well, so we are prepared. I am in Wellington at the moment looking after G & E’s children yesterday and today. B has gone to school, so just R and C are at home. They will have a new brother or sister in March, which is exciting for me, and will be my eighth grandchild. I have been busy with lots of different things lately, and need to get into the garden and prune a few things next week.


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