Martin Crowe

On Tuesday night R and I treated ourselves. Martin Crowe, who was a captain and batter for the Black Caps in the 1980’s was in Masterton and promoting his new book “Raw” and giving a talk at the Solway Copthorne Hotel.

R and I both enjoy our cricket, so went to hear Martin Crowe. We both enjoyed our evening. He talked about cricket, and his recent battle with lymphoma cancer, and how he only now at 50 had found out who he really was as a person. That for me was quite sad. So often we think that because someone is in the public eye that life is just fantastic for them, but as I get older I realise that that is not always the case. It took me nearly as long to find out who I really was as a person, but for different reasons, and not because I was in the public eye. R and I both got one of his books signed by him, mine as a present for G for his birthday, as he is a cricket fan too.Image 


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