Chicken in a Jacket – Serves 2

Chicken in a Jacket - Serves 2

You need:
Maggie Beer’s Gluten Free Pastry –
2 Chicken Breast fillets.
Stuffing of your choice.

Make the pastry and leave to cool. Make your stuffing. I made mine with gluten free bread, red onion, tarragon, lemon pepper and an egg, all mixed together. Put the chicken breasts between pieces of cling film and flatten with a rolling pin. Put the stuffing on top of one breast fillet and top with the other breast fillet. Roll out about a third of the pastry into a square large enough to enclose chicken. Place the chicken on top and
wrap chicken in pastry. Bake in fan oven at 200 Celsius for 50 minutes. This was lovely and the chicken was moist and tender.
I wrapped the remaining pastry mixture in cling film and froze for another time I need to use pastry. I used free range chicken breast fillet. The tarragon was grown in my conservatory.

Good news! My daughter in law got a good report from her surgeon today, and they are heading back home to the Wairarapa from Wellington tomorrow.


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