Chicken with Tuna – 4 serves

Chicken with Tuna - 4 serves

1.5kg roasting chicken
1 onion, stuck with a clove
1 carrot
1 wineglass white wine
300ml water
bouquet garni, containing a stick of celery
1 x 210g can tuna – I used tuna in springwater
150ml gluten free mayonnaise
squeeze of lemon juice
150ml cream

To serve:
180g rice
150ml french dressing
1 teaspoon paprika pepper
375g tomatoes
375g beans
1 teaspoon chopped mint and parsley

Put the chicken, vegetables, wine, water and bouquet garni together in a large pan. Season and add the tuna. Cover pan and simmer for about 1 hour, or until the chicken is tender, turning it occasionally. Allow the chicken to cool in the liquid.
Meanwhile cook the rice in plenty of water until tender, drain well then mix with two thirds of the french dressing and the paprika pepper. Scald and skin the tomatoes; cook, drain and refresh the beans.
Remove chicken meat from bones, taking off skin as well. Remove the bouquet garni and vegetables from pan and strain the tuna from the liquid. Reserve some of this cooking liquid.
To make the sauce: Mix tuna, mayonnaise, lemon juice and cream in food processor until smooth. Add some of the reserved liquid if it is too thick.
Place the rice on a serving dish, arrange the chicken on top and spoon over sauce. Remove the hard core from the tomatoes and slice. Carefully mix these together, moisten with remaining french dressing and add herbs; arrange this salad around chicken.

I used a free range chicken, and celery and parsley from our garden.

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